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Nothing can be more frustrating than a garage door that refuses to open, especially if your car is trapped inside and you need to leave to work. If you’re running a business and your garage door won’t open, this can mean your business can’t operate along with loss of sales and customers until your door is operating again. Sometimes the reason behind this problem is nothing more than the garage door opener remote! We offer opener remotes for all brands and models.

There are many reasons why a garage door can malfunction, one of those reasons can be a broken garage door control. This means anything such as push buttons, remotes, key switches, induction loop systems, keyless entry, etc.

Ironically, most times customers call because of a faulty remote simply because the batteries need to be replaced, which is clearly an easy and quick fix. If you have a more serious matter that requires a professional, contact us and we’ll make sure your remote system will work perfectly.